Master basketmaker
Monte Redondo, 2017

The welcoming and collaborative environment experienced at Museum Festum was the cause for another collaboration in the festival’s next edition, August of 2017.Motivated by the festival’s ecological attitude, basketmaking techniques and, particularly, by the works of a group of artesans with long experience in reed weaving and construction, wedevided to use the latter material as base matter for the design of a network of structures that would receive and guide visitors.

The proliferation of this species in Portuguese fields and, specifically, in the fields surrounding Leiria (the reed is actually considered and invasive species, more resiliant in comparison with similar species) lead us to invite a master basketmaker from the south region of Portugal, Algarve, that could teach us the art of working the reed. The intervention’s program as gateway to the festival’s site, as well as the reed basketmaking techniques, guided the final shape of the design into a tunnel 7 metres long and 2 metres wide. Its cilindrical geometry and organic structure allowed us to freely model its shape, to create games of tension and openess, fluidly working with the structure’s concavity and convexity.

Client/Promotor: Museum Festum
Design/Construction: colectivo TIL
Collaboration: Mestre Domingos Vaz
Photography: Colectivo TIL

 ~ 2019 |

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