Celebrating the emigrant
Monte Redondo, 2016

This project was born of the specific character of Museum Festum: Eco-cultural festival, that took place in Monte Redondo, a small town near Leiria, in the first days of August 2015. There we had the rare opportunity to both conceive and construct something in a very short period of time. Our work was about transforming a small Eiffel tower 10 metres high, present at the festival’s site. This tower is an homage to the town’s emigrants and also one of the festival’s landmarks. Our intervention aimed to signal the three days of the event, while simultaneously transforming the tower into a stage for a theatre performance ocurring at the festival’s last day. 

During the creative process lasting four days, we imagined a soft veil, swinging in the wind andprojecting the tower’s silhouette from within. The available materials were bamboo, which he used for the veil’s structure, and a thin white cloth for the veil itself, found in the local construction material’s store. With these and a small study model, an image clarified in our minds: a suspended box of white cloth and strung from a bambo frame at the top of the tower. During the performance, the ropes weaved into the box’s four corners would raise the cloth as the play evolved, revealing the tower and honoring its creators. In the remaining days, the wind, light reflections from the strong sun and artificial illumination at night, would make the intervention a living dynamic object

Cliente/Promotor: Museum Festum
Design/construction: colectivoTIL
Colaboration: Li Wang, Diogo Monteiro
Photography: Colectivo TIL, Carolina Sepúlveda

 ~ 2019 | info@otil.pt

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