Civic garden
Rua Direita, 2018 

The festival A Porta is an urban event ocurring evey year in the city of Leiria, proposing a very diverse program of cultural performances, envolving music, theatre, instalation and workshops, and making the public re-discover the old parts of Leiria. Our intervention regarded a small modern square in the city’s historic centre. This modern square, despite its good intentions, didn’t manage to reanimate public life in its urban surroundings. Our intervention started from this premise and the desire to make the square come alive. The aim was to create an inviting space, that allowed appropriation, surprise and contemplation. During the festival, it was supposed to receive a bar and a stage for live musicperformances.

Above the square and between its two framing modern buildings we stretched a mantle of white plastic fibers that descended down one of the building’s facades to hug its only column.This column demarcated the entrance into the square turned concert plaza. The facace of the other building confronting the square, covered in mirrored glass, duplicated the length and movement of the fiber mantle. The wind and light created with it a liquid and inconstant topography. While this “ceiling” gave the square a new character, beneath the stone floor was covered in green stripes of fake grass and several diferent plants, borrowed from a local greenhouse. This garden, working as an auditorium, attained an uncanny environment, highly artificial, while simultaneously suggesting a certain belonging to the square’s environment, which became then something completely diferent.

Client/Promotor: Festival A Porta
Design/Construction: colectivo TIL
Production: Guilherme Garrido 
Volunteers: Carlos Pena, Francisco Silva
Photography: Colectivo TIL, Sal Nunkachov

 ~ 2019 |

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