Leiria, 2019

Is an art instalation that reflects on the omnipresence of plastic in our lives, as well as the forms of this omnipresence. Plastic is not just a material highly present in various parts of our daily lives, it is also present in quantity – just hink on the difference in the quantities of glass, paper, metal and plastic in your homemade recycling. In this sense, it is also one of the products, if not the product, which best represents the power of the oil regime and in the way it supports our livelihood. On the other hand, the form of this constant presence in our day-to-day is varied and multiple.

Derived from the Greek verb plassein, which means “to mold,” plastic is part of our lives in a fluid way, molded by and molding a myriad of aspects of our modern existence. This art instalation seeks to convey these two conditions – omnipresence and existential fluidity of plastic – creating a landscape entirely made out of plastic The project was born of a research of plastic lyfecycles and recycling processes, which included several partnerships with industries and research into specific transformation processes. We relied on the support of many of these industries for the realization of the instalation. It was accomplished in different plastic components: the structure in PVC pipes, its coating canvas in polyethylene and the landscape and furniture inside it of grinded high density polyethylene.  The idea of fluidity, of ephemeral passage of plastic through various states and senses, is represented in the very exterior of the installation and its relation with the cloister. Its industrial aspect, as a building site, a work in progresso, is of something in eminent transformation. But also the installation’s process itself was approached with this attitude and realization in mind. The PVC pipes, as well as the polyethylene ground plastic, that form the landscape and furniture will be returned to the respective industries, and re-emerge with yet a new life. Hence the material is here seized in a state of suspension, in-between something useful and objectual, and a raw material (almost like an ore) that will be later used for another completely new purpose. This relocation of an industrial process, which normally happens out of the sight, highlights plastic as a raw, unobjectified presence and questions its value as matter. As part of the exhibition Plasticidade, which presents a long and detailed history of the plastic cycle in the region of Leiria, this installation intends to contribute by literally creating a space in which we are immersed by the imposing and mysterious presence of plastic. In line with the broader contents of the exhibition, that provokes and questions us, we try to give plastic the agency to question us as well.

Client/Promotor: Câmara Municipal de Leiria
Design/construction: colectivo TIL
Partners: Micronipol, Sival
Photography: Colectivo TIL

 ~ 2019 |

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