Living Forest 2
Leiria, 2019

Invited once more to develop a workshop for the festival Floresta Viva, our proposal involved a construction approach that first and foremost dealt with the materials present in the ground. The forest in which the festival happens burned two years ago. Its cleaning and renovation works were and are still in process. In this burned landscape one could see little islands of scorched piles of wood, waiting to be taken away.

Using just this scorched wood as building material and a simple coupling technique associated with dome construction, we proposed participants build a shelter facing a small fishing pontoon by he lagoon. The building technique and the material, accessible to any person, was a way of building from the debris around us and celebrating the beauty of the forest, even in its darkest hour.

Client/Promotor: Câmara Municipal de Leiria
Production: Guilherme Garrido
Design/Build: colectivo TIL
Photography: colectivo TIL, Pedro Ferraz

 ~ 2019 |

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