Living wheel
Castelo de Vide, 2018 

The festival Andanças is an international dance festival occuring the town of Castelo de Vide every year. In the 2018 edition the festival’s theme was “living circle,” the continuous movement of dance as a metaphor for the meeting of peoples, histories and trips. Having won the open call for the decoration of the festival’s site and activities, which included some space in the adjacente town, we were asked to conceive various interventions that could define the space, some symbols and ambiance of the festival. In a month we had to conceive, organize and construct the festival’s entrance, main bathroom area, the main bar, three leisure spaces and the festival’s signposts. 

We focused the intervention in reorganizing the existing space with the minimum of means possible while projecting its qualities, namely its urban location, topography and geographical position. The site has open views to the mountain range of São Mamede. At the same time we introduced a number of new and important elements to the site, such as various areas of shade, the entrance, bar and reorganization of bathroom area. We kept the same attitude in the various levels of the interventions, focusing on the re-use of materials previously used in other festival editions and other second-hand materials, as well as whatever the surrounding countryside could make available. In this spirit, the design of each space, structure and object was made to emerge from this process of recycling and reuse. Something that is more easliy observed in the festival’s signposts: imprinted on top of older signposts and given a coherent graphic identity by font, color and material. Beyond the more effective structures and spaces we conceived four windmills of large dimension, modelled on vernacular farm windmills, and accomplished in various types of wood. These windmills appropriated the site’s main square and highpoint, and projected the festival’s yearly theme into a moving form.

Client/Promotor: Pé de Xumbo
Design/construction: colectivo TIL
Production: Márcio Pereira, Joana Ricardo
Volunteers: Sergio Pérez, Ilia Rebocho, Lígia Nunes, Maria Serzedelo, Luís Valentim, Marta Moreira, Rita Fernandes, Barbara Fernandes, Eliana Piovesana, Mario Prados, Jorge Quito.
Photography: Colectivo TIL

 ~ 2019 |

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