Civic Garden 2.0
Leiria, 2019

During 2019’s A Porta festival, the civic centre was once again converted into a civic garden. Having considered 2018’s experience too ephemeral and and somewhat far away from the everyday living of the place, colectivo Til considered a more permanent aproach, promoting a comunal and participated space, made by and for its users, and just a like a garden taking root in the place growing in time. 

With various programmed events, everyone was invited to contribute, with critical thinking for this constrution: comunal building and planting, a civic debate envolving locals, city hall representatives, cultural agents and architects: together with concerts, performance, outdoor cinema.  This experience aims to transform the civic centre, making it more open and inclusive, valuing the spontaneity of culture and the richness of a critical appropriation of the city and public space.

Client/Promotor: Festival A Porta
Design/construction: colectivo TIL
Partners: Câmara Municipal de Leiria
Photography: Colectivo TIL, Pedro Ferraz

 ~ 2019 |

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