Colectivo til is formed by people of different interests and expertises that got together on a common interest for the social and material process of design production, as well as a curiosity for questioning the civic nature of place


Areas of activity:

Temporary installations in the fields of architecture, design, art and natural construction

Workshops of sustainable creation

Civic and participatory projects

Research on materials and public space


Principles of action:

Multidisciplinarity and collaboration: experience teaches us that working our present requires various forms and manners of knowledge application. Thus we believe in the results of the dialogue between various disciplines and in the importance of experimental creative processes. The structuring element for this principle of action is the notion that any project only exists as an extended collaborative effort between all agents involved. As such, our starting point in any project is dialogue and the confrontation of distinct perspectives on what any given space holds as common values and potentials.

Sustainable and responsible materiality: given the environmental, political and social problems posed by our current ways of life, we act on the notion that any material has a physical, political, social and economic life that we must attend to. This is not necessarily about the use of materials that may be considered sustainable, but about researching the life and potential re-uses of matter, as well as understanding how material lives are part of local communities. In this sense with each project we attempt to organize construction processes that allow, on the one hand, sustainable creation and, on the other, the responsible collective use of resources. 

Learning by doing: we believe in the importance of tried and tested creative processes that are not afraid of errors and detours and, above all, of being lived concrete experiments. This perspective is something we bring both to our spatial and design projects, as well as to our socio-cultural and pedagogical projects. Learning by doing is the fundamental ground of a pedagogy that we believe to be able to promote creativity and autonomy, as well as social dialogue and collaboration.  

Autonomy and democratic processes: with each new project we seek to promote freedom of use and thought, enabling a creative and autonomous fruition of space. Our projects are firstly the observation and debate of a place, its lives and potentials. In this sense, with our interventions we seek to expand those potentials, creating processes and results open to experience and appropriation, and available to the unexpected.

 ~ 2019 | info@otil.pt

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