Living Forest
Ervedeira lagoon, 2018 

October 2018 was the first anniversary of the fires that devastated a significant portion of the portuguese forest landscape. Leiria’s pine tree forest – a centuries-old green patch of land that stands between the atlantic coast and the inland – was one of the most affected areas. 

The “Living Forest” event – “Floresta Viva” -, promoted by Leiria’s City Hall, was thought, not only to remember that moment, but mainly to celebrate the relationship between the local communities and the surrounding ecosystem, by organising several activities designed to incentivize one’s contact with nature. The chosen location was a lagoon: Lagoa da Ervedeira. This was the ideal occasion, not only for us to continue developing projects that involve the collection and the renewal of techniques and materials, but also to start another important aspect of this process: sharing our experience. With that in mind, we organised a natural building workshop, in which we were able to teach and further explore – with the precious help of the participants that joined us – the technical and constructive possibilities of reed. In the course of one day, the objective was to build a small temporary shelter, facing the lagoon. After an important process of selecting, harvesting, cleaning and cataloging reed, the final structure consisted of two main perpendicular arches, attached by a “sheet” of weaved reed. 

Client/Promotor: Câmara Municipal de Leiria
Design/construction: Colectivo TIL
Production: Guilherme Garrido
Volunteers: Agrup. Escuteiros Bajouca, Raquel Susavila
Photography: Colectivo TIL



 ~ 2019 |

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