Leiria, 2019

Conceived for a number of events to be held in the Vala Real garden, durinf the city festival A Porta 2019, the Cloud was understood as an ephemeral, fluid, shade, almost as an happening. The intervention consists in creating a shaded area by exploring a combination of improbable materials: a tubular structure from plumbing pipes and iron rebar holds sleeves of inflated plastic bags, re-used mid-production, that are then tied with plastic rope. These composed a dynamic and reactive structure, generating a playful and care-free area in the garden. Within the same filosophy of improbable combinations and re-use of materials, a series of benches were produced from old reels and scaterred throughout the shade, inviting equally playfull uses and apropriations.

Client/Promotor:Festival A Porta
Design/construction: colectivo TIL
Partners: Sacos88
Photography: colectivo TIL

 ~ 2019 |

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