Tree house
Monte Redondo, 2017

In this 2017 edition of Museum Festum we are also given the task of conceiving a tree-house. The festival’s site is abundantly planted with oak’s and pinetrees. One of the largest oaks withmore than 15 metres, called our attention, not only for its central position in the site, but also by its luxuriant and dense form. Its branches and foliage already designed a space beneath and around it. Once decided that we would use the oak as structure, the solution consisted in the creation of a series of plataforms, supported in various wooden columns, mimicking the surrounding trees. In this sense, it was important that the plataforms could follow the oak’s ascending and twisting form, promoting the feeling of climbing the tree. This construction, placed at the centre of the festival’s site, ended up becoming a much usedleisure space for visitors, but also a logistical centre for the festival’s team, that placed there a box-office and bar. Its integration in the site eventually generated contiguous areas of rest and bar that allowed a greater interaction with the festival’s other structures and, ultimately, guided the visitor’s path.

Client/Promotor: Museum Festum
Design/construction: colectivoTIL
Carpentry: Daniel Carvalho
Volunteers:  João Carvalho, João Milino, Joel Correia.
Photography: Colectivo TIL

 ~ 2019 |

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